The project began, in the four third classes of the Institute involved, through modules carried out by history teachers related to the general functioning of the European institutions. Subsequently, there was a meeting with Dr. Visone with specific reference to the European Parliament followed by the administration of the test. The results of the test led to the selection of 12 Junior Ambassadors. The junior Ambassadors have been active in creating a leaflet, a video and opening a virtual infopoint, all activities aimed at disseminating knowledge of the role and functioning of the European Parliament. The most decisive action was carried out within the framework of the Student’s Week during which the Ambassadors held five meetings on topics related to the European Union. The 12 Ambassadors, together with a delegation of other students of the Institute, participated with their own intervention in the day of celebration of the Treaties of Rome, which was held in the Capitol on March 31, 2017 in the presence of…… The next phase was dedicated to the preparation of participation in the day “Euroscola” which saw our 12 Ambassadors protagonists in the headquarters of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.